Thursday, February 27, 2020

Hydro electricity verses wind turbines in the Waikato (New Zeland) Essay

Hydro electricity verses wind turbines in the Waikato (New Zeland) - Essay Example It became evident from the research that wind turbine power generation will lead to low levels of pollution, reduced cost of power production and large amounts of power being generated to the national grid. Although hydro power has dominated the sector of power generation in Waikato, it is expensive to construct a power plant for the generation of hydroelectricity. It leads to pollution of the environment and make aquatic life endangered. To conclude, we have recommended further study on the power production trend and more research into systems for a more effective method and calculation of the cost and benefit analysis between these two methods of electricity generation. Upon evaluation and analysis of these two methods of power generation, we realized that wind power generation systems stand an upper chance to continue generating power for use in Waikato. Wind power already provides some percentage of power into the grand power used in the Waikato Te Uku which is a wind power generating farm about 28 turbines and has produced a fairly high amount of power in watts. This is possibly due to the presence of winds which have speeds going beyond 6metres per second. In future, Waikato residents and business operators would like to get power which is consistently available, cheap and also causes minimal pollution to the environment (Craddock, 2008). Failure to choose the best option between the many options of power generation including the burning of coal will mean continued pollution to the environment and intermittency in the production of power. This report therefore entails; a research plan; (1) the development of evaluation and comparison aspects, (2) data collection, (3) an assessment of the power needs and supply for Waikato, (4) and an interview of an expert from the field and (5) an analysis of the previous and current trends in the power supply. Due to our need of clear information as

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